Choosing a Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes

Choosing a Halloween costume is so much fun! Candy is great, but the real fun of Halloween is getting to come up with fun costumes to share with your friends. There are so many costume possibilities. There are classic costumes, such as characters from movies like the Wizard of Oz or witches and other scary costumes. There are also off-the-wall funny costumes and ideas that are so unique there's no way you'll find them on websites like ours. If you're looking for ideas for Halloween costumes that no one else will think of, we hope to provide a little inspiration.

What's Your Style?

The first question you need to ask yourself when evaluating Halloween costumes is what kind of costume you like. Do you want something funny, scary, or sexy?

Twist on Traditional Ideas

Perhaps you could put a creative spin on a more traditional Halloween costume, like a witch who's been on "Extreme Makeover" and ditched her green makeup for fake eyelashes and a ton of blush. Another unique idea is a football player who's been in a bone-crushing collision on the field without the benefit of his helmet.

Sometimes putting just a little twist on traditional Halloween costumes can be a lot of fun. With this approach, you can buy or rent parts of your costume, which can be cheaper and easier than making your whole costume from scratch.

Browse through the selection of pre-made costumes online or at your favorite costume shop and think about how you could alter the costume to make it a little more interesting and uniquely you.

Choosing a Halloween Costume from Current Events

Another fun idea for somewhat unique Halloween costumes is taking an idea from the newspaper or current events. Getting a mask that turns you into a president (current or former) can be fun, but of course if you can buy a mask in the store it might not be a completely unique costume.

Anytime Costumes has some political and movie-inspired masks that would be fun for Halloween costumes or costume parties at other times of the year. Throw on a suit and you can be ready for your party in no time.

Other political or current events Halloween costumes you might be able to make on your own include Kim Jong Il, Al Gore, or even Mark Foley if you don't mind being in bad taste (which is part of the fun of a political costume).

Costumes From Movies

It's always fun to look to the bigscreen for Halloween costume inspiration. For fun costume ideas, consider the characters of these popular movies:

Easy Halloween Costumes

Some people might consider some of these Halloween costumes cheating, but if it's a day or two before Halloween (or even Halloween night) and you need a costume quick for a party, you've probably got things in your house to make some costumes, such as:

  • Black-eyed pea: wear a sweat suit, and cut a bunch of Ps out of black construction paper and pin them to the sweat suit. Put a black mark under one eye with makeup (or make a black circle around the eye to emphasize the "black-eyed" part).
  • Static cling: wear a sweat suit and pin socks, bras and other clothing to yourself.
  • Cereal killer: attach mini cereal boxes to a shirt, and stick plastic knives in the boxes. Use red paint or fake blood to have blood coming out of the "wounds" in the boxes.
  • Serial killer: this idea came from one of the Addams Family movies. Wear regular clothes and say "I'm a serial killer; they dress like everyone else."
  • Dress like your spouse: If you're going to a party with your significant other, perhaps each of you could dress like the other one. If you can't actually wear each other's clothes, at least dress in a similar style to what the other would wear. A woman can put her hair up in a hat and a man can wear a wig to help pull this costume off.
  • Vintage clothes: If you're of a certain age, you might be able to find clothes from another era in your own closet. Otherwise, check your parent's closets, or go to a vintage clothing store for a quick and easy costume.
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Choosing a Halloween Costume