Childs Hawaiian Costume

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Whether you are dressing up your kid for a summer luau, Halloween or the school talent show, a childs Hawaiian costume adds the perfect touch to the occasion.

Childs Hawaiian Costume Choices

Nothing illustrates the Aloha spirit more than a colorful childs Hawaiian costume. Fortunately, there's a wide array of different Hawaiian-inspired outfits to choose from, and they are all relatively easy to buy or make.

The key to finding a unique Hawaiian costume for your child is to think outside of the box. These days parents are not limited to the standard grass skirt, bikini top and artificial flower lei Hawaiian costume set. Rather, there are a myriad of Hawaiian-inspired getups for kids to choose from.


Your little princess can hula her way to party central in a beautiful Hawaiian costume. Most girls are fans of traditional hula girl costume sets, which range from sweet to sexy. However, if your daughter is looking for something a little different, you might consider purchasing a rainbow colored hula skirt. The jazzed up Hawaiian skirt is made from pink, purple, yellow and blue nylon and can be paired with an equally colorful flower lei. Then, instead of a classic coconut-shaped top, your girl can cover up with a shell top. Another unique option is to have your daughter don a hula skirt made entirely of silk flowers. The fancy floral skirt looks especially festive when paired with a Hawaiian print top.For girls who prefer covering up a bit more, the Hawaiian muumuu makes the perfect child's costume. A muumuu is a loose dress, which features bold Hawaiian print. Muumuus are easy to wear, nonrestrictive and look great on a girl going to a backyard luau. Since muumuus come in a variety of colors, prints and patterns, your girl will have no problem finding just the right one for her.


Hula is not limited to females only. The ancient Hawaiian dance is taught to males from a young age. So when it comes time to finding the right childs Hawaiian costume for your son, a hula ensemble is not out of the question. In Hawaii, boys wear shorts or long pants under grass skirts. If the weather permits and your son is daring enough he can go topless or wear a tank top with a flower lei. Another option for a boys Hawaiian costume is the classic aloha shirt. Often referred to as a "Hawaiian shirt," the popular alohawear is a button-down shirt featuring either bold or subtle Hawaiian print. It can be paired with shorts, khakis or jeans depending on the occasion. In addition, the Hawaiian costume can be accessorized with a beachcomber hat, flower lei, sandals or slippers and a ukulele

Boys looking to just have fun at a party might opt for a surfer dude Hawaiian costume. This getup is simple to make, all you need is a pair of board shorts, a t-shirt or wetsuit and a miniature surfboard. If don't want to invest in an actual surfboard, consider getting a pillow version, which is much easier for kids to carry around at a party or play date.


Babies can get in on the action too by dressing up in kids Hawaiian costumes. Some costume companies offer full-coverage hula girl getups to avoid exposing too much of baby's skin. Another option for little ones is to dress in Hawaiian Cabana sets, which consist of tropical print tops and bottoms. For infants this means wearing floral print bloomers and a matching Hawaiian print top.

Where to Buy Hawaiian Costumes

Costume shops and large party stores are your best bets for finding Hawaiian costumes for kids. In addition, you can find an array of Hawaiian-inspired outfits and accessories online at popular websites, such as

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Childs Hawaiian Costume