Homemade Costumes

Halloween Costumes From Your Closet: Whip Up a DIY

Halloween Costumes From Your Closet: Whip Up a DIY

It feels sacrilegious to celebrate Halloween without dressing up. Even if you're a de facto, last-minute reveler, you too can whip up an award-winning Halloween costume straight from your closet. Not all of these… Keep reading »

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Homemade Costumes
Get crafty!

If you've got a few crafty skills up your belt, it may be time to charter into the world of homemade costumes. Homemade costumes are a unique way to customize an otherwise ordinary costume, or to create a masterpiece that is proportionally fitting and well constructed.

Benefits of Homemade Costumes

Although retailers offer a wide selection of costumes every year, often the prices are incredibly high for the materials used. Thin fabrics, scratchy materials and unwanted sheen may all be characteristics of the average big box store's costume selection.

When crafting your homemade costumes, the sky is the limit. Free costume patterns make homemade costumes affordable and in reach for everyone. Indulge in rich fabrics if desired. Choose the colors that flatter your skin tone, or those that work better with your character.

If you're a frugal shopper, often times it pays to shop donation stores and resurrect homemade costumes from scratch. Blending different costumes together saves on material, yet gives you the opportunity to make a unique piece.

Get Sewing

If you intend to create homemade costumes, start the season early. Most crafters get their fall projects going in mid summer to have top choice in fabrics, patterns and notions. For those willing to learn the sewing craft, seek out a local fabric store and pay for instructional classes.

The art of homemade costumes is one that can be used year after year. Just imagine the delight in your child's face when they see an amazing suit, and you can respond, "I can make that for you!"

The possibilities are endless, so get creative and dive in!

Seek and Share Ideas

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Homemade Costumes