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Where to Buy Mardi Gras Costumes

Where to Buy Mardi Gras Costumes

Mardi Gras is a time when you can really go all out with your look! People dress for Mardi Gras in New Orleans in colorful, outrageous costumes as part of the celebration. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras… Keep reading »

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Dressing up isn't just for Halloween! Just about every holiday can be improved with the addition of a few great costumes, especially when you use some creativity to pull together a fun costume.

Ideas for Holiday Costumes

Most people are familiar with costumes such as Santa, Mrs. Claus and even the elves or the Grinch, but the fact is there are a lot of other holidays that you can dress up for. What about trying a bunny costume for Easter? Or Purim costumes to celebrate that famous joyful Jewish holiday?

A Variety of Choices

Interpreted a little more liberally, a holiday costume can be as simple as wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, red on Valentine's Day or beads on Mardi Gras. Or you can go all out with a pilgrim costume perfect for a school play around Thanksgiving. Christmas costumes don't have to be all about St. Nick or elves; costumes from the tales of Charles Dickens can add an air of nostalgia to any Christmas event.

DIY Costumes

Holiday costumes can be quite expensive, especially for the professional-quality costumes worn by department store Santas and Easter bunnies. For many holidays there are lower-cost options available, or you can make your own holiday costume. Whether you need a Christmas toy soldier costume or a Fourth of July costume, it's something you can make yourself with some time, effort, and instruction.

Start Your Own Holiday Tradition

While holiday costumes are often associated with malls, churches and big town events, it can be fun to dress up for a holiday just for a family or company party rather than for a huge to-do. Family photos will be a blast when costumes are included. Putting on a Santa hat or donning a masquerade costume for Mardis Gras makes the whole day more fun and gives everyone a bit more holiday spirit, no matter what the holiday.

Costumes for Everyone

Is there anything more adorable than a toddler wearing a cute costume? How about a dog decked out in a patriotic costume for a celebration of the U.S.A.? Santa Claus is even cuter when the costume is worn by a young child and accompanied by a Santa's helper. Don't forget the props to go along with costumes to complete the look.

Get Festive

There is nothing quite like a costume to elevate a holiday celebration. Showing up to a holiday party decked out in full costume makes everything more fun. When Mrs. Claus shows up to the Christmas party, there's no denying the festive holiday vibe of the party.

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