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Dance Costume

Dance Costume

The relationship between dance and dance costumes is complex and does not simply reflect dance practice in a specific period, but also social behavior and cultural values. Dance costumes can be divided into the… Keep reading »

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Dance Costumes

Choosing the right dance and performance costumes is an integral part of setting the right scene for a dance recital, concert or play.

Dance and Performance Costumes Styles

There are so many different types of costumes for dance and theater performances simply because there are many different types of dancing and shows. You wouldn't want to wear a classic ballet costume when you're trying to do a jazz routine, for example. Not only would you just look wrong, you might not be able to comfortably perform all the movements necessary for the dance.

Dance Attire

So the most important consideration when it comes to dance costumes is to choose an outfit that makes it easy for the dancers to move in all the ways she or he needs to, and that the look fit the mood of the music being danced.

Beyond that there are still many variations in style and function that can be found in dance costumes, making it a lot of fun to look at different options and dream of how they will look when performing.

Costumes for Plays

Performance costumes, such as those that might be used for a Shakespeare play, are a different matter altogether. While comfort, ability to move freely and the tone of the performance are all still important, portraying the character in the right way becomes key when choosing a performance costume. It's not the attitude of the performer but defining the character that is the most important aspect of picking a costume for a play, reading or other performance.

Making Wise Decisions

Selecting the right costume can certainly seem overwhelming! That's why LoveToKnow is committed to providing a comprehensive resource to help readers research and understand the options available so they can make wise choices. Dance and performance costumes, especially for musicals and other elaborate productions, can be quite costly, so this is not a purchase to be made lightly. At the Dance and Performance Category on LoveToKnow Costumes, we'll give you buying advice and care suggestions. We'll also help you find stores, catalog, and online retailers that sell the costumes you need.

New Ideas

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Dance and Performance Costumes