Cat Woman Costume

Cat Woman

There are numerous variations on the Catwoman costume. Whether you are interested in a costume from the movie, the original TV show or the DC comic, there are costumes available for you.

Types of Catwoman Costumes

There have been many versions of the Catwoman costume over the years, beginning with Julie Newmar's, worn during the 1960s TV show. The costume has been updated for the more recent movies, as well as for anime and more modern style. There are four variations of the Catwoman costume now available for sale, depending on what genre or version you are interested in.

Stitched Body Suit Costume

This body suit brings to mind the original DC comic variation of the character. It consists of a total body covering suit with stitch marks visible on chest, shoulders and legs. It comes with a full hood and face mask, gloves and faux belt

2004 Catwoman

The Catwoman costume worn by Halle Berry is one of the more known costumes today. The costume is made of vinyl and the top is essentially a push-up bra with a criss-cross design strapping around the torso, revealing plenty of skin. This Catwoman also wears skin-tight vinyl trousers cut low and featuring strategically located slashes all the way down each leg. The costume includes a mask with ears and gloves with nails at the ends. It also comes in child sizes with a full body suit.

Anime Costume

If you're a fan of DC Comics and Ami-Comi, then this is the Catwoman costume for you. It features a short body suit with hardware, skirt with tail, headpiece, goggles, belt and gloves. Accessorize it with a whip and some knee-high black heels to complete the look.

Wear a Sexy Costume

Making Your Own Costume

Making a Catwoman-style costume can be pretty simple, especially if you want to go with the DC look:

  1. Buy a body suit at any dance supply store
  2. Purchase a gold belt or use fabric paint to turn any belt gold. If you like, buy some gold sparkly fabric and cut it into the shape of your belt, sewing or gluing it to the main costume.
  3. You can buy cat ears at almost any drugstore. Affix them to a fabric hood, or just wear them and add appropriate makeup.
  4. Attach store-bought claws to elbow-length gloves by snipping the ends of the gloves off, sliding the claws through the holes at the ends and using fabric glue to anchor them.
  5. Accessorize with a long whip.

Wear It With Pride

No matter which Catwoman style costume you choose to wear, you're sure to turn heads in her sexy and eye-catching body suit. Wear it with confidence and embody her personality for the night.

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Cat Woman Costume