Cat Costume

Cat Costume

A cat costume is a classic choice for Halloween.

Cat Costumes For Kids

The cat look begins with pants and a shirt of the same color. Black is the most popular color, but you could also be a white, gray, brown, or tan cat. You'll want to consider your climate and where the costume will be worn in choosing the best base outfit. If you live in a Northern state where you're just as likely to encounter snow as sun on October 31, then sweatpants and a sweatshirt will be your best bet. If the weather is warmer in your area, then slacks or leggings and a long-sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck are a practical choice. If your child will be wearing the costume at school or attending an indoor Halloween party, then a leotard and tights are another option for young girls.

Next you need to add ears, a nose, whiskers, and a tail.


The easiest way to make a tail is to cut a length of fabric the same color as your child's clothing. It should be a few inches longer and twice as wide as you would like the finished product to be. Stitch along three sides, turn the tube inside out, stuff with cotton batting or fiber fill, and sew the final end. You can attach the tail to the pants with a large safety pin, or sew it directly to the seat.


To create cat ears, cut two slightly rounded triangle shapes out of construction paper, cardboard or felt. You can then glue the ears to a plastic headband. If your child will be trick-or-treating in colder weather, you could also attach the ears to a pair of earmuffs or a knit headband that covers the ears.

If you're feeling crafty, you can knit a cat tail and ears. You can also find cat tails and headbands with ears for sale in most Halloween costume displays.

Nose and Whiskers

The easiest way to add a nose and whiskers is to draw them with make-up. You can use face paint, Halloween makeup, or black lipstick. Remind your child not to scratch her nose or cheeks, though, or you could have black stains everywhere. Plastic noses and whiskers are available, but these can be uncomfortable, and the elastic might not make it through the night. There are also masks that combine the nose, whiskers and ears, but they could obstruct your child's vision.

For The Littlest Kittens

Cat costumes are a great option for babies because they are so easy to make as a sleeper or onesy. You can find your basic house cat, or perhaps you have a lion or cheetah in your family. Look for a costume with ears attached to a hood, because ears attached to a headband are likely to be pulled off. The same goes for plastic noses or masks. If you're really committed to the full look, you can always use make-up to create a nose and whiskers, but be mindful of baby's sensitive skin.

Adult Cat Options

Adults can construct their own version of a cat costume from the same materials used by kids. However, the most popular cat outfits for adults owe more to the slinky image of Catwoman than your everyday tabby.

Forget the sweatpants if you want to be one of these sexy kitties. Instead you'll need a skin-tight outfit in lycra, vinyl, or leather. You can find complete costumes for sale, or if you want to wear your own leotard or bodysuit as the base of a cat outfit, you can just purchase an ears, tail and bow-tie combo to complete the look.

If your image of ideal cat attire is influenced by the musical Cats, you can find fur-covered accessory packs. You'll want to pay more attention to make-up; if you're going for this realistic look, the usual painted-black nose isn't going to cut it.

Online Shopping and Resources

  • Find simple instructions for a basic cat costume.
  • If you or your child is interested in dressing as a famous cat, there are several costumes available for licensed characters like the Cat in the Hat or Puss in Boots. You can also use these costumes as inspiration to create your own.
  • offers options for potential cats of all ages, including full outfits and individual accessories.
  • You can even find costumes for cats, although good luck getting most cats to put up with a costume.
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Cat Costume