Camel Costume Ideas

Quick and clever costume ideas.

Whether you are reenacting a nativity scene or are costumed for a play, the following camel costume ideas can help you create a winning ensemble.

Camel Costume Ideas

Camel costumes aren't nearly as common as traditional character or superhero costumes. While a camel is a very popular mascot for schools, theatres and sports, it's not nearly as common for traditional dress up. Due to the rarity of the camel suit, you can expect to shell out either big bucks for a pre-made suit or you'll need to get crafty and sew or create your own homemade costume.

To create a camel suit from scratch, you'll need to expend some serious creativity. Here's a few camel costume ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

  • Two person costume: Camels are a great idea if you need a couples costume idea. To design a two person camel suit, one person should be the back end of the camel, while the other will make the front end, composing the both the legs and the head. A single hump on the back end is the perfect spot to place eye and mouth openings, while the head will provide the same ventilation.
  • Modify existing: Rather than sew a whole body piece for a new camel suit, you can possibly modify a preexisting faux fur costume if you have one on hand. A honey colored bear, lion, tiger or rabbit suit can work in a pinch and save some time for creating the head. To make the modified suit more authentic, you can sew a felted hump on the back of the costume and remove any unnecessary tails.
  • Go natural: A camel is the perfect animal to create using natural and organic fibers. Think of burlap and muslin and create a camel by draping these fabrics excessively over the body of a suit. Tie fabric swatches at the ankle, calves and neck for definition. This approach is very tattered and free spirited and captures the majestic essence of this animal.
  • Paper Mache: Paper Mache is the perfect media for creating a camel head and even humps. Inflate balloons as the form and apply paper Mache. Once the finished piece is dry, you can paint it as desired, adding a large black nose and big eyes with eyelashes.

Small Details

While the most elaborate costumes make the most impact, it's still possible to design a camel costume on a dime. Consider these frugal ways to accessorize your camel suit:

  • Mittens: No hooves? Brown or black mittens are a great alternative!
  • Boots: If you opt to wear mittens rather than hooves, you can wear boots as a clever alternative! Shearling and suede boots carry the look of faux fur right to your feet.
  • Sweatpants: Spare yourself from costly fabrics by wearing beige sweatpants on the legs of the camel suit instead.

Where to Buy

If you have the cash to expend, the following sites offer full suited camel costumes.

Consider Rentals

Costume rentals are the perfect alternative to spending big bucks on a one time affair. Contact a local rental shop and see if they have a camel suit available for a rental. In addition to renting a suit, you can further your creative endeavor by contacting local theatre groups and churches. Both of these types of organizations are staffed with highly creative people that have most likely, at one point or another, created a camel suit for a Biblical reenactment or play. You may find that someone can provide you with plenty of ideas and solutions, and may even have a camel suit on hand they'd consider loaning for your special occasion!

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Camel Costume Ideas