Boxer Halloween Costumes

If you can't find a robe to go with your costume, just wear a workout shirt.

Boxer Halloween costumes are a relatively easy choice, whether you want to buy or rent a costume off the rack or design your own unique costume.

Boxer Costume Basics

Everyone knows basically what a boxer looks like. They usually have on long satiny shorts, a matching robe and boxing gloves. Great accessories would include a mouthpiece and a championship belt.

Boxer Halloween costumes are one costume you can pull together pretty easily because there aren't a lot of parts to it.

If you're a woman and you want to go the sexy route, you can find Halloween costumes with short shorts, a higher-cut robe, bra tops and boxing gloves. Or play off the boxer theme for a fun couple costume and be the ring card girl.

Buying Boxer Halloween Costumes

It's easy to buy basic boxer costumes pretty much wherever costumes are sold. You might not find a lot of choices at your local costume shop, but if you're in a hurry and need a costume right now, this is your best option.

If you have a little time to shop around, try these online outlets:

  • Yandy has got the boxer babe costume covered.
  • Halloween Express has boxer costumes for kids, men and women.
  • Buy Costumes also has costumes for men, women and children, but it also has the fun addition of a Rocky Balboa wig and Rocky boxing shorts (sold separately).

Make Your Own Boxer Costume

If you would like, you can also make your own boxer Halloween costume. Any store that sells clothing for sports should have boxing shorts, or wear a long pair of basketball shorts instead.

You probably won't be able to find a matching robe, but you can turn your costume toward the humorous by throwing on a fuzzy bathrobe and slippers instead of the conventional boxing robe.

If you don't want to be quite as exposed as wearing a robe and shorts would make you, try wearing a tracksuit instead. Use stencils or felt letters to put the name of a boxer on the back, and carry a pair of boxing gloves tied together and slung over your shoulder.

A boxer babe can wear just about anything she wants, as long as it's sexy. Try short track shorts and a matching, tight-fitting top. If you go for pastels or black, you might be able to find a coordinating satiny robe.

Add a pair of high heels and a pair of boxing gloves and you'll be ready to knock them out.

If you're going for the look of a ring girl, sparkles are the name of the game. Anything tight fighting, low cut and covered in glitter is the way to go. Don't forget stratospheric stilettos, lots of makeup and, of course, your ring card.

The Boxer Attitude

Part of the fun of dressing like a boxer or in a WWF costume is getting to act like a boxer for the evening. Watch one of the Rocky movies for inspiration, and work on your Philly accent. Give your boxer a name, a theme, and maybe even a prop, such as an American flag draped over your shoulders.

If you want to take it to the extreme, make boxing a group Halloween costume idea and have two boxers who can stage a fight during the party. Other costumes might include the managers (in sweats with the requisite spit bucket by their side), a referee, and the ring card girl.

And don't forget kickboxing, which is another great idea for a Halloween costume, and you won't even have to wear shoes. Stick with the shiny shorts and a robe if you have it. Go around striking your most fearsome martial arts poses and threatening to kick people in the head all evening long.

Dressing as a boxer for Halloween lets you live as a slightly wilder, more violent version of yourself for an evening. It's probably not a persona you want to let out of the box all that often, but it can be a lot of fun one day a year.

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Boxer Halloween Costumes