Where to Buy Belly Dancer Costumes

Purple belly dance costume

Whether you're a professional belly dancer or you're just looking for a great outfit for your next costume party, there are many wonderful belly dancer costumes available online. Knowing where to shop and the options available from each retailer can take the guesswork out of finding the perfect look.

Performance Costumes for Belly Dancers

A performance-quality dance costume needs to be well-made and beautifully styled. You may buy parts of your costume separately, rather than purchasing a complete outfit, or you can also buy a whole costume in a matching color scheme. The following retailers specialize in quality professional belly dance costumes.

Dancing Rahana

Dancing Rahana has an incredible selection of quality dancewear. You'll find everything from bra tops to skirts, all authentically styled and well made. Prices range from about $30 to $70 per separate piece. Sizes range from small to extra large, and many skirts are designed as one-size-fits-all.

  • You'll be impressed with the details, as with the amazing Black Velvet Coin Bra. It features a crocheted overlay in amber and a generous number of jingling coins and fringe and makes a good, affordable choice for a professional dancer. It retails for about $65.
  • The Gypsy Red Sequin Circle Skirt is another fine piece for serious dancers. It's made of semi-sheer cotton decorated with sparkling red sequins and retails for about $55.

The Belly Dance Shop

The Belly Dance Shop has a full inventory of complete costumes, separates, and accessories. Complete costumes cost from about $400 to $700, making this a good place to get competition costumes and performance outfits. They are carefully constructed and can be custom made in most sizes. These complete costumes come with all the accessories like veils, belts, wrist bands, or sleeves.

  • The Sizzling Hot Pink complete costume includes a straight, slitted skirt, elaborately beaded bra, beaded sleeves, and a veil. It retails for $675.
  • You can also buy separates like the Fabric Coin Bra, which ties behind the neck and in back. It's covered in gold-colored coins and retails for about $60.

Dahlal Internationale

Featuring a full range of performance-quality belly dance costumes, Dahlal Internationale offers separates, practice wear, accessories, complete costumes, and more. You can search by size, style, designer, and budget, and you can also custom order the costume of your dreams. Each costume is a specific size, including the hip circumference, skirt length, and bra size. There are lots of choices in all size ranges. Prices range significantly depending on the costume, but a complete outfit costs between $200 and $800.

  • The Blue Jewel complete costume is lovely in turquoise, blue and white. It includes a slitted skirt and bra, and retails for about $300.
  • The Cairo Gem costume is a masterpiece, featuring a full slitted skirt, sleeves, and a beaded bra. It retails for under $600.

Casual Fashion Belly Dance Costumes

If you're looking for a belly dance costume to wear for fun or to a party, there are plenty of great affordable options in a range of sizes. This type of costume won't have the elaborate details and quality fabrics and construction of a professional costume, but it will be more affordable. If you're looking for a costume you plan to wear just a few times for fun, consider one of the following retailers.

Miss Belly Dance

Black and gold belly dancing costume from Costume Craze
Black and gold belly dancing costume from Costume Craze

Miss Belly Dance sells everything from performance costumes to practice wear, but they also have an absolutely amazing selection of fashion costumes. These complete costumes range from about $35 to about $130, but there are many options in the $60 range. Most of them are made of stretch fabrics, so they are one-size-fits-most.

  • The Belly Dance Harem Girl Costume Set is a fun pink color and fits most sizes. It includes a halter top, veil, beaded hip scarf, and chiffon skirt. It retails for $70.
  • The Glitzy Glam Costume Set is a modern choice in black and silver. It features a cropped bra top, black pants with silver accents, and a hip scarf and retails for about $55.

Costume Craze

Costume Craze has dozens of belly dancer costumes for adults, plus size women, kids, and even dogs. Most are designed to fit a range of sizes. You'll also find accessories to go with any costume. Price range from about $25 to $105 for a complete outfit.

  • The Black and Gold Belly Dancer Costume is a bargain at only $27. It includes a sparkly top, veil, and haram pants with attached sheer skirt.
  • The Premium Belly Dancer Costume features elaborate gold sequins, turquoise chiffon and turquoise velvet. It includes a top with sheer sleeves and sheer pants along with a cap and retails for about $67.


Amazon.com has dozens of complete belly dance outfits, perfect for wearing to a costume party or other fun event. There are costumes for kids and adults, as well as plus size options. Prices range from about $20 to around $80, depending on the complexity of the costume.

  • The gorgeous Belly Dance Organza Costume Set comes in small/medium or medium/large. It includes everything you need for a complete look: a skirt, top, belt, and veil. This costume sells for about $80.
  • The Royal Peacock Belly Dance Costume is another great option. The costume comes in small, medium or large and features a peacock pattern on the outside, with a solid turquoise underside for the skirt. The costume comes with a fitted bra, and slit skirt. It retails for about $85.

Plus Size Belly Dance Costumes

There are lots of great costume options for fuller-figured ladies, whether you're a professional belly dancer or you need that iconic look for a party or event. Several stores specialize in offering extended sizes. Consider one of these retailers.

Shimmy Sista

Shimmy Sista specializes in high-quality belly dancing outfits for women in sizes large through 3XL. These costumes are sold as separates. You can purchase hip scarves up to 74 inches and coin belts up to 52 inches, as well as tops and pants that will fit comfortably. You need to find an event to buy from them.

  • The Foldover Waist Pant with Teal Paisley is a great choice for belly dance practice or for a costume. The super-comfortable Lycra pants resist wrinkles and stretch when you move. They come in sizes 2XL and 3XL and retail for $52.


SharifWear sells belly dance clothing for all women from XS through 4XL. This is a great place to purchase full costumes, as well as separates, for plus size dancers.

  • The Recital Set for Bellydance is a customizable costume for women up to 2XL. You can choose the size of the bell-sleeved tie top and full skirt separately, giving you the perfect fit. You can also pick the colors for each. The set retails for $143.
  • The Pink Bellydance Set is another pretty option. It features gray flared pants with pink foldover waistband in sparkly pink. There's a matching pink tie top too. This set comes in sizes up to 2XL and retails for $112.

The Perfect Costume

It's easy to find that perfect costume, whether you need a look for your professional belly dancing or something to turn heads at a party. Check out the selection at a number of stores before deciding; that way, you can find the ideal costume for you.

Where to Buy Belly Dancer Costumes