Bella Swan Costumes Gallery

Bella Swan Costumes

Bella Swan costumes celebrate the character created by Stephanie Meyer in her Twilight saga and portrayed by actress Kristen Stewart in the films of the same name.

Do It Yourself Bella Swan Costumes

Bella is a human girl with a slight build and very fair skin. She favors comfortable clothes, jeans, converse shoes and hoodies.

The Hair
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If you are not brunette, the hair would be the hardest to match. Go for a wig that has long, wavy or touseled tresses.

If you choose to use the wig, remember that Bella often pulls on her hair while talking so be careful to not pull the wig off when creating your affect.

New Moon Birthday Party Dress
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In the second film of the Twilight saga, New Moon, Bella wore a green dress similar to this one to the birthday party Alice insisted on throwing for her. This is a pivotal moment in Bella's relationship with Edward as he chooses to leave her the next day for her own safety.

Converse Shoes
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Converse shoes go with all of your Bella Swan costumes including her jeans and hoodies, the green dress and other fashion stylings. Bella doesn't go for the glamorous look, but rather for comfort.

Eclipse Charm Bracelet
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In the third film of the Twilight saga, Jacob gives Bella a carved wolf charm for her bracelet to remember him buy. Edward adds a heart shaped diamond to represent himself on her bracelet. This charm bracelet from Amazon offers you the simplicity of both on one silver chain.

Bella Favors Hoodies
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Bella wore a hoodie like this on and off throughout the series. She prefers hoodies in the rain soaked Washington town of Forks because the hood can protect her hair while the rest of it insulates her against the cold. If you have a particularly chilly evening planned for your costume, this is a good look with a pair of faded denim jeans and converse shoes.

Bella's Jewelry for All Occasion
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This collection of prop jewelry includes many of the items worn by Bella throughout the three films save for the charm bracelet and the engagement ring. Replicas of the engagement ring Edward presents to her in the third film Eclipse are also available for purchase.

Affecting the Look
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A black leather biker jacket was Bella's jacket of choice throughout much of the last film Breaking Dawn 2 as she had a new look to go with her new vampire self.

No matter what choice of clothing you go for with your Bella Swan costumes, you will likely need an Edward or a Jacob (if not both) to truly complete your look.

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Bella Swan Costumes Gallery