Beetlejuice Costume for Halloween

Barbara's bride costume from the Beetlejuice movie.

Choosing a Beetlejuice costume for Halloween shows that you are enamored of this classic comedy horror flick. There are many characters from this movie to choose from, including Beetlejuice himself (Michael Keaton) or the kooky Goth daughter played by Winona Ryder. Read on to find out where to get costumes and accessories, and how to pull one of these costumes together from clothing found at local thrift stores.

Beetlejuice the Movie

If you are a little fuzzy on how people dressed in the Beetlejuice movie, you may want to rent or buy it on DVD. Many of the characters have more than one memorable outfit. The great thing about choosing a costume from this movie is that there is something for everyone, from young teenagers to adults.

Here are a few ideas to jog your memory and get you started:

  • Adam (Alec Baldwin) - casual outfit of khaki pants, black and white buffalo checked plaid shirt worn over top of a red t-shirt; gold wire-rim glasses.
  • Barbara (Geena Davis) - cream-colored calico dress (hippie prairie) with buttons up the front and ¾ sleeves. A long brunette curly wig and brown flats will complete the look.
  • Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) - black and white vertically striped suit; white shirt and black tie with white dots, black boots.
  • Lydia (Winona Ryder) - black Victorian mourning outfit, black lace shawl, black lace choker.
  • Otho (Glenn Shadix) - powder blue leisure suit.

Where to Get Beetlejuice Costume for Halloween

The Beetlejuicemovie is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the costumes are available at many popular online stores. Whether you're a guy or gal, there are plenty of Beetlejuice costumes for Halloween at the following stores:

Thrift Store Finds

Probably the most economical way to find the costume you need for just about any Beetlejuice character is to visit your local thrift store for the clothing. Thrift stores carry very inexpensive bridal dresses that you can use for Barbara and Adam's corpse wedding ceremony. These items can typically be found for under $40 each. These stores are also great places to find those old prairie dresses and plaid shirts that the couple wears. Don't forget the simplest of all of Adam and Barbara's costumes - the sheets with the holes cut out in them. What could be simpler than that?Another great find you'll easily be locate in a thrift store is an old maroon suit that Beetlejuice wears to his wedding ceremony with Lydia. Look for old prom tuxedos with ruffled shirts to make this look authentic. All you'll need to do is glue on a little moss and add few small rips in the jacket to complete the look.

While the costumes are important, don't forget to do the make-up right. Beetlejuice won't look authentic unless he is made up as a pasty-faced moss-covered guy with bad teeth. The same is true if you go for the corpse wedding couple, Adam and Barbara. The face makeup will need to look skeleton-like for it to be successful. To see photos and get a tutorial, visit Beetle Juice on IMDb and

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Beetlejuice Costume for Halloween