Arabian Princess Costumes

Arabian princess

Arabian princess costumes range from cute to seductive, and they're available for little girls and grown women. Wear one to your next Halloween party, or buy your own little princess one of these for trick-or-treating.

The Belly Dancing Craze

Belly dancing has shimmied its way into society lately as a way to embrace your inner goddess and get a good workout in the process. It's no wonder the costume world has decided to grab onto the spinning veils and ride its way to a profit via Arabian princess costumes. These costumes usually consist of a short top (tube or halter, sometimes with a vest), pantaloons, and a veil.

For the Girls

Little girls may not need to wear the sexy versions of the Arabian princess costumes, but there are some cutesy versions out there for them. Since the days of Princess Jasmine, billowy pants, tiaras, and long dark wigs have been a favorite. There are some costumes out there small enough even for infants to wear. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find teen Arabian princess attire, too.

Finding Arabian Princess Costumes

It's surprisingly easy to find costumes to suit your Arabian princess. You should be able to find one of these costumes just about anywhere costumes are being sold, even stores like Wal-Mart during the Halloween season. Specialty costume stores should always have them lying around, and if all else fails, look up belly dancing classes and contact the instructors for information on where to find a costume. As for online, there's an abundance of choices:

  • Costume Craze has a 100 percent polyester costume for adults that comes in pink. Suggested add-ons include a jewel kit, finger cymbals, and a gold or silver belly dancer bra.
  • Another one from Costume Craze is the Adult Arabian Princess Belly Dancer Costume in a lovely fuchsia color.


Unless you're already a stunning dark-haired beauty with long, thick locks, you're probably going to want a wig for the full effect. You may even want to purchase a few makeup items to achieve the exotic look you're dying for.


If you're lusting for long raven locks, try a costume wig.


Arabian princess makeup really plays up the eyes with gold- or bronze-toned eye shadow and lots of black kohl. Other popular colors are deep green and dark plum. If you're going for a belly dancer vibe, you can punch it up with jewel tones-and don't forget the actual stick-on jewels.

If your skin is fairly light, you could play around with a bit of bronzer as well, for contouring and extra color.

For inspiration, check out Arabian makeup photo albums.

Pulling It All Together

For the most believable Arab princess costume out there, don't forget to incorporate all the things that make the look. When you get the short top, pantaloons, and veil, don't stop there. Look into makeup and hair-styling options. Whether you're aiming to make your little girl look cute, or yourself look incredibly sexy, it's more than clothes that make the girl.

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Arabian Princess Costumes