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Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux symbolizes strong women, with a little time and skill you can have your very own Aeon Flux costume. Keep in mind that this is an adult costume and is not meant for tween or teens.

Who is Aeon Flux?

The year is 2011 and an outbreak of a deadly virus kills off 99% of the world's population. One of the last (and largest) cities on Earth, Bregna, is the last safe harbor for the refugees under the thumb of the Goodchild regime. The show takes place over 400 years from the hit of the virus. People continue to live in Bregna under the rule of the descendant of the man that cured the virus. This utopian civilization is not at all what it seems. Outside of the walls is a jungle of never ending taboos that enslave and connect these unfortunate souls together in unquestionable obedience.

With scenery reminiscent of Berlin, Aeon Flux is about a totalitarian society. The people of this new future are not able to reproduce but yet are able to sustain life by whatever means possible. Aeon Flux is a female assassin with her own fetishes and taboos that was hired by rebel forces to change the course of mankind.

Animated Series vs. Live-Action Movie

Aeon Flux began as a cartoon series that spawned a feature film starring Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux. The Aeon Flux costume varies between the two concepts. There are a few things that remain true though:

  • The costume is based on a Goth style and consists of fetish clothing
  • Skintight costumes show off every curve
  • Less is more in the animated series whereas the feature film was more reserved
  • Sexier the better
  • All black, all the time

If you want an Aeon Flux costume that is close to the animated series version you will be showing a lot more skin than you may be comfortable with. If you want a more professional look then the film vision may be your cup of tea.

Aeon Flux Costume

There are only a couple of costumes that were ever seen regularly in either incarnation of the character.

Aeon Flux: Animated

The animated version of Aeon Flux featured a costume that was goth inspired and showed off a lot of skin. The style of choice was either liquid latex that would be painted directly on the naked body, or a vinyl skintight suit which consisted of:

  • Black vinyl top
  • Long sleeves
  • Zip up front
  • Short cut just long enough to cover the bust
  • High collar that covers the neck
  • Long black gloves (can be attached to sleeves)
  • Black booty shorts
  • Black thigh-high boots

There were other costumes that were derived from the above style. Other versions used a black vinyl thong, a belt (also vinyl) and knee armor. If vinyl isn't available you can achieve the same look by using a polyester blend fabric or crushed velvet (panne works as well). When wearing a thong she often wore chaps as well. There is a full body version that was also seen in some episodes. Some great examples can be found at Candy-Lee.

Aeon Flux: Feature Length Film

The costume worn by Charlize Theron, although still sexy, was nowhere near what was seen in the animated version. They attempted to combine both versions by giving a full body suit with a low cut bust line with two straps attached to the shoulders. The sleeves were long and the fingers punched through the fabric. The top resembled a corset with fasteners in the back. Polyester blend or crushed velvet is best used for the movie adaptation of the costume. Purchasing a full body fishnet or sheer body suit is a good leaping off point.


A black wig styled as an angled bob that is thinned out is the style that was worn in both the animated version and feature film. Aeon Flux was an assassin so weapons are needed and encouraged, anything that looks very real in either silver or matte black. Holsters are also important to hold your various weapons but made out of the same material as the costume. You could purchase many Halloween props at your local store that you can modify to better suit your needs.

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Aeon Flux Costume