18 Easy and Creative Adult Costume Ideas

Adult Costume Ideas and Pictures


Whether you need a last-minute outfit or have time to get creative with a DIY project, these adult costume ideas are guaranteed to turn heads and win contests. Don't settle for something expected!

Be a Pink Flamingo


Opt to be the ultimate in lawn kitsch by dressing up as a pink flamingo. This outfit works great for women, but it's just a little more amusing if you're a dude. Start with orange tights for the legs and add any kind of pastel or pink shorts or skirt. Then wear a pink hoodie or furry jacket, a beak, and maybe some sunglasses. This is a great last-minute option if you need something awesome in a hurry. Remember to stand on one leg!

You're a Doll


You don't need special makeup skills or a ton of expensive gear to create an awesome doll costume. Simply place your hair in two pigtails, add some bright makeup to your cheeks and eyes, and wear the most frou-frou clothing you can find. Think tutus, full skirts, and patterned dresses. Add a pair of Mary Janes and some tights, and you'll look the part.

Spread Your Wings as a Butterfly


If you have a day or two to order ahead, this is a cheap and easy costume that looks elegant. Pick up a pair of under-$10 butterfly wings from Amazon, don a black dress or leggings, and head out on the town. Bonus points for sparkly makeup and antennae.

Rustle Up a Cowboy Costume


You can buy a cowboy costume, but it's just as easy to make one. Head over to the nearest thrift store and pick up some brown pants and a vest. Grab a pair of scissors to make some fringe, and add a red bandana and a classic cowboy hat. Don't forget the boots and maybe a pair of spurs.

Go as a Geisha


If you have a pretty kimono-style bathrobe, you're already half-way done with this costume. If you don't have a kimono, look for one online or at a thrift store. Then add a wide fabric belt to act as an obi and pick up a paper parasol. Put on some geisha makeup too. You may not get points for authenticity, but everyone will love your colorful originality!

Be the Ultimate Witch


Sure, witch costumes are easy to come by, but it's the makeup that really makes this look. Use a prosthetic witch nose as a starting point and then apply makeup in green or sallow tones. There are lots of amazing witch costume makeup tricks to try, and they're just as important as the black dress and pointy hat.

Dress as a Medieval Warrior


You could be a knight, but you could also be something fiercer. Dress as a medieval warrior with a fur cape, a helmet, and of course, a sword and shield. The key here is keeping it gritty. Pick up some faux fur at the craft store for the cape, and buy some accessories online. Go for high end replicas if you'll be using this outfit again, or keep it cheap if you want to wear it once.

Try Romantic Day-of-the-Dead Looks


Day-of-the-dead makeup is fun, but you can take your look to the next level by adding romance. Try a crown of red flowers, which you can make from artificial blooms at your local craft store. Add a red gown or velvet dress and leave your hair flowing and loose.

Be an Actor


Dress as a stage actor by wearing over-the-top period clothing and carrying dramatic props. Think a gilded skull, an ornate potion bottle, or a jewel-studded dagger. Add a booming voice and some classic lines, and you'll end up with a costume everyone will remember.

Go as a Flapper Girl


If you want a costume that practically shouts beauty and feminine power, try a flapper girl. This is an easy DIY look. All you need is a great fringed dress as a starting point. If you can't find something you like, pick up a simple sheath dress at a thrift store and use fabric glue to add fringe. You can buy fringe trim from your fabric store by the yard. Throw on a few necklaces, a pair of fishnet stockings, and some great eye makeup, and you're done!

Break Out Your Hawaiian Shirt


Need a costume no one else will have? Dress up as a crazy tourist! Pick up a loud Hawaiian shirt and a straw hat to start the look. Then add shorts and maybe some sandals with socks to make this costume fantastic.

Release Your Inner Dork


For a really funny costume, try dressing up as a dork. That can mean a lot of different things, but one easy way to do it is to black out some of your teeth and wear a bowl-cut wig. You'll definitely get some laughs.

Go as a DIY Mermaid


You don't need a realistic mermaid tail to give the suggestion of being a mermaid. Instead, pick up a thrift store prom dress that flares at the bottom. Cut it off to make a skirt, and if you're handy with the sewing machine, add an elastic waistband or draw string. Then add a bikini and some wet-look hair gel to complete the look.

Be a Tom Cat


Women's cat costumes are easy to come by, but you don't often see men dressed as felines. You can change that by wearing a sleek suit and adding a pair of dark ears. It's an unexpected and easy costume that's perfect for last-minute parties.

Be a Huntress


Unleash the power of the female huntress! You'll need a prop bow and arrow, a fur cape, some earth-toned clothing, and a fearless expression. This is a fun look for any party.

Try Out a Medusa Look


If you have long hair, you can create braids or twists to give yourself a Medusa look. If you have shorter hair, you can use toy snakes or a wig to make this look work for you. Either way, add a simple goddess-style gown to complete the costume.

You as a Unicorn


Become a unicorn the next time you need a costume! Little girls aren't the only ones who can enjoy this fantastic costume. You just need a rainbow wig, a horn, and a white hoodie. Add some sunglasses to make the look ultra cool.

Become a Shark


If you have a couple of days before you need your costume, order a shark head mask online. Then grab a gray hoodie or sweatshirt to complete your look. This is a super easy costume.

Go Alone or As a Group


When it comes to costumes for adults, there's strength in numbers. Consider putting together a group costume or couples costume so you can all rock coordinated looks. You'll have fun, whether you choose to make your costumes or buy them.

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18 Easy and Creative Adult Costume Ideas