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LeeLou Costume

For those who like to combine sexy with science-fiction, a Leeloo costume is the perfect choice. There are a few variations of this look, all of which are distinctive. You can purchase a complete Leeloo outfit, but it's easy and inexpensive to make, which is ideal for anyone who is low on time and extra cash.

The Look of a Leeloo Costume

Sci-fi fans know that Leeloo is the Milla Jovavich character from the 1997 cult favorite The Fifth Element. Leeloo had two specific looks in the film. One consisted of metallic beige stretch pants with black stripes on the front, back, and around the knees. This look was paired with a wide black belt. Over a cropped white T-shirt, Leeloo wore very distinctive, rubber, hole-punched orange suspenders that fastened in a V under the groin.

The other costume was white bandages wrapped around the body revealing lots of flesh. The bandages began around the neck and one ran vertically down the torso, while the rest wrapped horizontally around at strategic locations. This bandaged costume was accompanied with white boots.

Buying a Leeloo Outfit

Leeloo is not a popular enough character to warrant mass production of a Leeloo costume. However, you can purchase the suspender costume at a few specialty outlets.


The online marketplace Etsy only offers the bandage costume, and a very limited supply at that. However, one of the best things about Etsy is that sellers post new merchandise frequently, so you never know what the inventory may be. Another bonus is that the bandage costumes in stock are all under $200.

Three Muses Clothing

Three Muses offers the orange suspender costume. As of 2012, the outfit is priced at a little over $200. If you prefer to save some money, you can opt to only buy the suspenders here, which are custom fit and very exact to the film. They are made of vinyl. Rubber would be more accurate, but very difficult to work with, wear and maintain, so don't feel bad about wearing vinyl instead.


The full suspender costume and the bandage costume worn by Leelo can be found at Kropserkel, a specialty site that stocks some of the most well-known costumes from Sci-Fi's biggest hits. They appear to be anticipating new stock for the Leelo look, so keep your eyes peeled out for additional arrivals.

Artifice Clothing

A version of the bandage costume can be found at Artifice Clothing, but be aware that it has been given some cyber-Goth modifications. However, it still looks great and if combined with the wig, will be distinctively Leeloo.

Create Your Costume

Part of the fun of Comic-con and Cosplay is making your own costume, because everyone is so much more impressed. Both of Leeloo's costumes can be made at a relatively low cost and trouble, depending on your resources and skills. However, most people prefer to purchase the suspenders at one of the above options, because they are so detailed and hard to make.

Suspenders Costume

  1. Get a fitted tee or a cropped style and cut it to reveal your bare midriff. In the film, Leelo's just barely covered her breasts, so to make it more appropriate you can cut it so that it's a little longer.
  2. When it comes to the gold, shiny, fitted pants, you're in luck because they happen to be quite trendy. All you have to do is visit a young women's apparel store and by a pair of gold lame leggings.
  3. The combat boots can be purchased at practically any department store or shoe store, so you'll have no problem finding this component to your ensemble. Tip: To make them look more authentic, feel free to scuff up the tops.
  4. Now the suspenders will probably be the only item that you will likely need help trying to find, as traditional stores won't have them and trying to make them can prove time-consuming. So, visit one of the sites listed and buy a replica pair.
  5. The bright orange wig Leelo wore can be found at any novelty or party store for next to nothing.

Bandage Costume

Leeloo costume
Leeloo costume (c) Kari Haley
  1. The original bandage costume is entirely too revealing to wear out in public, so to create your own you must modify. Start by buying a pair of white dance shorts and a tube or bandeau top, depending on your bust size.
  2. Visit a local craft store and purchase white Lycra fabric and have it cut into wide strips.
  3. Looking at a picture of Leelo, wrap the Lycra fabric around your body like she did and adhere with a hot glue gun. Be careful not to burn yourself!
  4. Leelo didn't wear shoes, but you can have fun with this aspect of your costume and try out any shoes you like.

Number One Fan

Usually when you're fond of something, you go to great lengths to show your devotion. In this case, it means dressing up as your favorite character from The Fifth Element. Not only does this pay homage to the film and character, it also allows you to step outside your regular box and become someone else. Besides, everyone needs a little fantasy in their reality every once in a while.

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A Leeloo Costume