80s Costume Ideas

80s Costume Ideas


The 1980s are a popular decade epitomizing the rise of pop rock and generational superstars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and more. Costumes that represent the decade range from the pop rocker to the rock and roller to the break dancer and even to a hint of Miami Vice, Molly Ringwald and much, much more.

The Break Dancer


Break dancing is the forerunner to the modern hip hop, b-boy and street dancer. Break dancing enjoyed a revolution in the 1980s with films such as Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo epitomizing the offbeat clothes, over the top jewelry and dance style that rocked a generation.



In the early 80s, dance movies were the craze from Footloose to Fame to Flashdance. Flashdancer Jennifer Beals set a trend with her leg warmers and grunge wear not to mention lighting the candles of hope for dancers everywhere that you could take street dancing and make it as a ballerina.

Consider Flashdance a great 80s costume idea.

The Karate Kid


Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita won hearts and later introduced the world to Oscar winner Hilary Swank in a trilogy of Karate Kid films that just don't seem to get old. Wax on, wax off for your 80s party dress.



Madonna is a generational icon that really got the world moving with her Papa Don't Preach, Like a Virgin and Material Girl. Dressing up as the Madonna is one way to really turn heads no matter what period you pick from.

Miami Vice


Don Johnson set trends for more than two years with his white jackets, bright shirts and open collars. He made being a cop sexy and being scruffy sexier. The look is recognizable to all ages.

Mullet Man


The 80s would not have been the 80s without the Mullet Man. He's clearly recognizable by his hair, his clothes and his boombox.

The 80s Costume Rage


Rock'n'roll was all about the hair bands in the 80s from Flock of Seagulls to Duran Duran to Stryper, White Snake and more.

When you're shopping around for 80s costume ideas don't forget to embrace the music, the look and the mood of the decade.

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80s Costume Ideas