Toddler Halloween Costumes

Dalmation Costume

The big day is almost here and you have no ideas for toddler Halloween costumes. Of course, there are plenty of costumes in the local department stores, but you want something different, maybe something more creative. Take the following ideas and adapt them to your own needs. Don't forget to add your own costume ideas, too!

Dalmation Puppy Costume

This toddler halloween costume costume is too cute! All you really need is a white sleeper and some black fabric paint. Take the fabric paint and color black spots all over the sleeper. Next, you can make your own ears by using a small headband. Cover it in white material, and cut out some white ears from a piece of felt. Paint spots on the headband and the ears. Now, take some of your own make up or face paint and give your little puppy a black nose with a few whiskers. How adorable is that?

Duck or Any Bird Costumes

Chicken and ladybug costumes

You will need to use a sleeper in whatever color you want your little bird to be. You can buy a couple of large pieces of felt to cut out for the wings. You'll attach the wings along the sides of the sleeper and to the underside of each arm. To complete the look, take one of your child's baseball caps, and cover it with some more felt. The bill will be the beak of the bird, so use a different color for this. Now, your little bird can waddle or fly on down the street as he trick or treats!

Lamb Toddler Halloween Costume

Lamb costume

Once you decide what color your little lamb is going to be, purchase some cotton batting to use. If you can only find it in white, you might be able to dye it. Place your toddler in a sleeper or sweat suit of the same color. Now, attach double sided tape all over the clothing. Once you've done this, all you have to do is take sections of the batting and cover the suit completely. You can do the same thing for the head by covering a hat or toboggan. Let some of the batting hang down the sides of your little one's face to resemble ears.

Ladybug Costume

This toddler Halloween cosutume is really simple. Purchase a black sweat suit or just a black top and pants, and add a red vest. You'll also want a black hat. You can use two sided tape to attach large black spots cut out of felt material onto the red vest. When you are finished with the costume, simply remove the spots! Antennas can be made out of two red pipe cleaners that you attach to the black hat. You can even add a few spots to your little ones face, if you like, with face paint! How cute!

Spider Costume

Spider costume

Your toddler will be adorable even if she is a spider! Purchase a black outfit for her to wear, along with two pairs of black tights. You'll need to stuff the tights with some type of material so that they look like legs. Drape the tights across the back of the costume and sew into place, so that the legs dangle down on each side. Now let your little one wear some white socks and gloves, and add white socks to the ends of each of the spider legs. If you want the legs to move together, you can attach them with fishing line. Cute and creepy!

Toddler Halloween Costumes